Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I am using the Mewtocom driver V1.00.05.000B1 on a "fast" PC via a TCP/IP connection. If I "unload" the PC by disabling all other applications (eg. Anti Virus etc) running on the PC except for CitectSCADA, the driver will not go online.

If I put some load on the PC (eg. enabled anti virus software) then the driver will go online successfully.


The Mewtocom driver supports communication via serial or TCP/IP. The problem was due to a "timing issue" in the code which deals with TCP/IP connection. More specifically, when using a "fast" PC, the driver would start sending data to the connection before it could be established.

This problem has been resolved in driver version V1.00.06.001 onwards. A new Citect.ini paramter was added to the solution. This new parameter controls how long the driver waits for the connection to be established.

ConnTimeout ( default = 10000ms).

If after 10s and the driver could not establish a connection to the PLC, the channel will be put offline and reported in the Citect kernel.