Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

The COMLI driver version V2.03.02.001B has 2 new parameters added, namely "Status" and "IgnoreDeviceStatusStartup".  

The "Status" parameter allows users to set which address the Comli driver will read to determine online status of a device. By default, the Status is set driver level as:

!Status = raw type, bit width, Unit type, Unit address, Unit count
Status = 0, 1, 8, 0, 8

which corresponds to I/O bit access at address 10 (in octal). The raw type, bit width, unit type and unit count are in accordance with the comli.dbf file. Be careful of using this parameter.

The Status parameter can be set at channel/port level and I/O Device level in that order. Thus the setting at I/O Device level overriding the settings at driver and channel/port level.

The "IgnoreDeviceStatusStartup" can only be set at device level.



IgnoreDeviceStatusStartup= 0 default. The driver will check the device status by reading a default address, set via the Status parameter from above.

IgnoreDeviceStatusStartup= 1 The driver will not check for the device and go online immediately. If a read request is then attempted then the driver will time out and the device will be put offline.