Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I am getting driver errors 0x101 "Data Not yet valid" (Generic error 25) streamed to the Citect kernel and syslog.dat file. These errors make the Citect kernel not very useful for debugging purposes and also filling the syslog.dat file causing it to roll-over very often.

Is there a way to suppress these errors from being displayed in the Citect kernel and not logged to the syslog.dat file?


A new parameter has been added to the OPC driver V1.09.14.001B to control whether Citect will display the errors "Data not yet valid".


The default behaviour is [OPC]SuppressDataNotYetValidError=0 which will display the errors and log them to the syslog.dat file.

When [OPC]SuppressDataNotYetValidError=1 is set, Citect will suppress the display of the errors in the Citect kernel and not log them to the syslog.dat file. If you open the kernel page "drivers", and press "V" for verbose, you will see the "DataNotYetValid" error count increasing. In addition, the kernel "page unit" will display a message "Error suppressed".

NB. For CitectSCADA to display the message "Error suppressed" in the "page unit", you will need to use CitectSCADA V5.50 and above. For earlier versions of CitectSCADA, a message "Unknown Error" will be displayed instead.