Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA


Update (April 2008)
Citect has now developed the ABMLXEIP driver which uses the EIP/PCCC protocol (EIP to register addresses) This is designed to talk with Micrologix PLC's via the ENI module. V1.01.02 and later support the Micrologix1100's onboard Ethernet port.

Note: ABMLXEIP driver also works with SLC500 PLC's via the ENI module. This is typically SLC5/03 and SLC5/04 as they have an onboard serial port which the ENI module connects to.

SLC5/05 has an onboard Ethernet port thus does not need (but could still use) the ENI module. SLC5/05 could possibly use ABMLXEIP driver direct to its Ethernet port (ie not via ENI module) however this has not been tested and SLC5/05 is typically used with the Citect ABTCP driver.

In some cases in may be necessary to use the [ABMLXEIP]ENIOnlyMode=1 parameter.

I have a customer who wants to run his AB Micrologix 1500 via a 1761 ENI ethernet module without RSLinx. Our professional service folks said they did not have any success without RSLinx when they tried this several months ago. Has anyone there ever got this configuration working? We were trying ABTCP500 via TCPIP but no communication. Looks like we're stuck with RSLinx but I want to make certain I exhaust all the possibilities.  

Historically there was no native Citect drivers that can communicate with the 1761-NET-ENI. Which means you must use RSLinx with either OPC or ABRSLINX citect drivers (ABRSLINX is probably the better choice).

Refer to KB articles Q2352 and Q3424 for some background. The 1761-NET-ENI talks only the EtherNet/IP protocol (EIP) and does not talk the legacy CSP protocol (which both PLC5E and SLC5/05 do) The ABTCP driver supports only the CSP protocol and no released citect drivers will talk EIP directly.