Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

When using the ABRSLINX driver sometimes it is difficult to come up with the correct address string when routing via multiple networks.

For example one customer had difficulty finding an address that would work to communicate to the SLC5/04 in the following diagram.



Using a shortcut creates a new driver which appears as virtual local network allowing the use of a simple address string.

For the example above

In RSLinx

1. Right click on Channel B of the DHRIO module.

2. Then choose 'create shortcut'.

3. This will create a new driver with the name of SC-1 which will be as a virtual local DH+ network. You will now see the PLC underneath this driver at station 13.

In Citect

Setup the ABRSLINX driver as normal and

1. The port special options in citect should be SC-1

2. The address of the IODevice should be AB:LOCAL,13