Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA Pocket Version 2.0

CitectSCADA Pocket displays the error 'Could not find resource assembly' when I log in. 

This error has a few causes:

1. The network is down. Make sure the network is enabled on the Pocket PC. Use Pocket Internet Explorer to open the Pocket Server's URL as a test.
2. The server URL in the setup page is blank. Log in to Pocket SCADA as the administrator and enter the URL at the top of the Settings page.
3. The web service took too long to respond. This may happen if the web service was not running on the server and it took too long to initialise. Try logging in again or increase the Web Method Timeout.

A very convenient and reliable way has been found to solve this error - simply remove the PocketPC from the cradle when it occurs and then place it back in the cradle - it will re-initialise the connection and PocketSCADA will then function correctly.

Another solution for this error is to change the server URL to use the computer name rather than the IP address.