Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA Pocket Version 2.0

CitectSCADA Pocket cannot connect to the server. How do I verify the URL I entered in the Setup page in CitectSCADA Pocket? 

The server URL should be: . You can verify the server's URL using the IIS Administrator. 
  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management. Open Services and Applications | Internet Information Services | Default Web Site | ctAPIWebService.
  2. Right-click on CtApiService.asmx and choose Browse.
  3. The CtApiService web page will open in Internet Explorer. The address shown should look like:
  4. Replace 'localhost' with your PC name or its IP address and enter this for the server URL in the Pocket client. It is not case sensitive.

You can also test the network connection between the Pocket PC and the server. Open Pocket Internet Explorer and enter the same address as you entered in SCADA Pocket. If the network is working you will see the same web page as you saw on the server. You can also enter http://computer_name and you should see the default IIS website.