Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA Pocket Version 2.0

After making changes in the configuration of SCADA Pocket my trend favorites disappear. How do I prevent this? 

Trend favorites are stored on the Pocket PC in \My Device\My Documents\Config.XML. For example:

- <trendSettings>
<setting name="Pressures" sel1="2" sel2="6" sel3="-1" sel4="-1" readOnly="True" />

Since only tag numbers (instead of tag names) are used, the numbers could refer to the wrong tags if you downloaded a new list of tags. To prevent this problem SCADA Pocket will automatically delete the favorites whenever you download tags. If you want to keep your favorites you will have to manually add the new or modified tags to config.xml. Another solution is to make a backup of config.xml, download the new tag list, then copy the favorites from the backup file into the new config.xml. This would require that you do not change the order of the original tags.