Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

When I go to compile my project I receive the error message of "Out Of File Handles" This in turn stops me from running up my project. What is the reason behind this issue? 

CitectHMI/SCADA uses a file handle to open each file. When you try to open too many files or databases simultaneously, CitectHMI/SCADA can need more file handles than are available.

You are most likely to run out of file handles if you have many included projects. When CitectHMI/SCADA compiles your project, it will open several files in each include project at the same time, so each extra project you include will increase the usage of file handles. If you get this error message when you have added another include project, you have run out of file handles. To verify that this is the problem, remove one of the included projects to see if CitectHMI/SCADA can then compile your project.

With Windows running on a network, the setup of the number of file handles is located in various places. To increase the number of file handles in DOS, the setup is in the CONFIG.SYS file. If you are using Novell Netware you must also increase the file handles in the NET.CFG or SHELL.CFG file. You must also increase the number used by CitectHMI/SCADA with the [CtEdit]DbFiles parameter.

This allows you to edit the maximum number of .DBF files that can be open simultaneously. The CitectHMI/SCADA runtime system, the Project Editor, and the compiler all use this parameter. Increase this parameter if a "No more free handles" error message is displayed.

Allowable Values 50 to 310

Default Value 80

Adjust the following settings the associated files:




file handles=120