Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

I have defined an array of elements of type INT in my Control Logix PLC and mapped the array to a PLC5 array of INT, say B22. When I tried to display some of these tags on a page using Citect ABRSLINX driver, the Citect kernel reports errors such as:

Tue Mar 09 15:36:46 2004 00:51:47.812 Error: General error
READ 0008 PORT1 PLC1 $B22:0 288
Generic 000008 Driver 00126993 (0x0001f011)

One of the Citect Tags has been configured as follows:

Variable1 Digital
IODevice B22:0\0

 What can be causing this error?


The solution to this problem is quite simple. The error code is being generated by the RSLinx API. The error 0x0001f011 is telling us that there is a data type mismatch or illegal data type.

The ABRSLINX.DBF file settings says that a B22 object is pointing to a Boolean array. But in this case, it is not correct.

You should instead use the following settings:

An array of elements of type INT in my Control Logix PLC and mapped the array to a PLC5 array of INT, say N22.

And in Citect setup tags as follows:

Variable1 Digital
IODevice N22:0\0

This still allows bit level addressing within Citect.

Be careful when using SLC mapping in a ControlLogix PLC.

Also see KB Article Q3721.

Other Allen Bradley error codes:

Allen Bradley PLC errors

1 0100     PLC out of buffer space

1 0200     PLC does not ACK message

1 0300     Duplicated token holder

1 0400     Local port is disconnected


1 1000     Illegal command or format

1 2000     Host will not communicate

1 3000     PLC host is missing

1 4000     Host hardware fault

1 5000     Address/memory protect rungs

1 6000     PLC is write protected

1 7000     Processor is in program mode

1 8000     Comp mode file/comms zone

1 9000     PLC cannot buffer command

1 b000     PLC problem due to download


1 f001     Error converting block address

1 f002     Insufficient levels in address

1 f003     Too many levels in address

1 f004     Symbol not found

1 f005     Symbol is of improper format

1 f006     Invalid address

1 f007     File is of wrong size

1 f008     Changed situation since start

1 f009     File is too large

1 f00a     Word and count too large

1 f00b     Access denied

1 f00c     Resource unavailable

1 f00d     Condition already exists

1 f00e     Shutdown cannot be executed

1 f00f     No privilege for up/down load

1 f010     Histogram overflow

1 f011     Illegal data type

1 f012     Bad parameter

1 f013     Data table deleted


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