Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

The Retrys counter on my Diskdrv device in the Kernel|Driver statistics is incrementing. What does that mean? 

The diskdrv Retry statistic is a little bit different than normal drivers. Retrys on a disk PLC are the number of writes out to the file. When you write to a disk tag, Citect writes to memory and at every [DiskDrv]updatetime it will write out to the disk if you have written to one of the tags on the diskdrv device.

For example:

I have a [DiskDrv]updatetime =10, every 10 seconds after startup Citect will write to the file if and only if we have written to a disk tag within CitectSCADA. When it writes out to this file (which can be multiple tags at once) the Retry counter is incremented. The Write Requests increments every time you write to a disk tag in CitectSCADA (for each tag). So say I write to a single tag 4 times within the 10 second updatetime on the diskdrv device, the Write Requests will be 4 and the Retrys will be 2 (1 on startup + 1 for updating the file). Let's say within the next 10 seconds I write to the tag 6 times, the Write Requests will now be at 10 (4+6) and the Retrys will be at 3. Every Updatetime CitectSCADA will write to the file if tags have been written to and if CitectSCADA writes to the file the Retrys counter will increment.