Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.50 Service Pack A

After upgrading to Service Pack A of CitectSCADA v5.50, my project encounters problems that did not exist before.

For example:

After loading the Service Pack, I pack my project and compile in the normal way. However when I attempt to enquire about a variable tag, I get a windows error message

"Error REF1 Unknown Field"

and I am unable to see any of my variable tags.


This is due to two additional fields being added to the variable.dbf that did not exist in previous versions of CitectSCADA. The two fields are "REF1" and "REF2".

To overcome this problem, add the following to your citect.ini file:


Pack and compile your project (ensuring that incremental compile from the Tools/Options drop down menu in Project Editor is turned OFF) and run your project.