Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.42, 5.42A, 5.50
  • CitectHMI 5.42, 5.42A, 5.50

When printing from CitectSCADA I notice that there is a handle count increase on the system. What is causing this problem and how do I overcome it? 

We have observed such issues to occur when the printer driver in use is not fully compatible with the operating system that it is on. In one instance the printer driver in use was created for Windows 2000, but was installed on a Windows NT system. This would allow the system to print, however every time a print was sent through you could notice an increase of handle counts by an average of 10 handles. These type of problems would go un-noticed on other applications as they are not running constantly to monitor a plant (such as a word processor), therefore the handles will be reset when the application is shut down. However as Citect continues to run through the week than the handle count increase will gradually deteriorate the system, unless it is restarted.

To fix the problem, you can re-install the printer by using a "generic" printer driver when adding the printer. You must uninstall the initial printer driver from the system then do the clean install. MS Windows printer setup will contain generic printer driver information during the installation process of a new printer that can be used instead.

Note: Depending on your printer some of the features may not be available when using the generic type of Windows printer drivers.