Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.50
  • CitectHMI 5.50

How do I get Citect Networking to work on a Windows XP Home machine? 

Although XP Home is officially not supported, it is possible to get CitectSCADA to work on XP Home.

For Citect Networking I did find out that only pure TCP socket networking works for Citect networking, although 'Netbios over TCPIP' has been enabled in the tcpip network properties of the machine.

So please set [Lan]Netbios=0 and [Lan]Tcpip=1 in your citect.ini. Also update the [DNS] section in your citect.ini with the correct IP details. This needs to be done on both the client and the server machine. For example if you have one Citect server that isboth I/O, Alarm, Trend and Report server, and has IP address Then in the citect.ini (on both PCs) you would set [DNS]Primary=

Knowledge Base Article Q3070 has more details on how to configure sockets based networking for CitectSCADA.