Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectSCADA Batch Versions

What is the correct way of drawing lines in the CitectBatch Recipe editor when defining operations and master recipes? How can I check if a line is drawn correctly? 

A connecting line in CitectSCADA Batch has to be a continuous line that starts on the edge of the first object and ends at the edge of the second object. The direction of the line has to follow the flow of the batch. So if the flow goes from a start element to operation A, then to operation B and then to the end element, then also the lines have to be drawn from start to A, then from A to B, and finally from B to end. Usually this means you are drawing lines from top to bottom.

To draw a line first click on the drawing area and select the line/link symbol from the drawing toolbar at the top of the page. Then do a left mouse click at the start position, do a left mouse click at the end position (do not drag the mouse!), and finally do a right mouse click to finish the line.

Then you will see a line that connects the two elements. The end point of the line is indicated with a small circle. That way you can see if the line is drawn in the same direction as the flow of the batch.