Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

Is it possible to start the Citect FTP server without restarting Citect runtime?

We have a situation where the Citect FTP server has shut down (IT Glitch), while CitectSCADA itself is running and hence all the IDCs are now offline.

I would like to restart the FTP server without affecting Citect Runtime


There is an "ftpsrv" command that can be run from DOS prompt to start the ftp server. (Go to the citect bin directory First).

E:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\Bin>ftpsvr -d -h"e:\program files\citect\citectscada\user\example" -r"e:\program files\citect\citectscada\user" -x"e:\program files\citect\citectscada\bin" -t900 -p21

(This is all one command)

Also replace the path to suit your directory structure.


Usage: ftpsvr [-d][-h<homedir>][-r<rootdir>][-x<denydir>][-l<


-d set debug mode on (default = OFF)

-h set <homedir> as the home directory for users (defaul

-r set <rootdir> as the root <lowest> directory for user

(default = c:\)

-x deny user access to this directory and all subdirecto

(default = EMPTY)

-i set <inetdir> as the internet directory containing id

(default = <rootdir>\Internet

-l printf log to this file (default = STDOUT)

-t set timeout to <timeout> seconds (default = 900)

-p listen on port <port> for clients (default = 21)


IDC, FTP, ftpsvr