Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

I've set up titles for my pages in the "Window Title" field in the properties for the page in Graphics Builder, but when I start CitectSCADA Runtime, the main window has a title of "Citect 0", and other windows have titles of "Citect 1", "Citect 2", etc. instead of the names I typed in.

If I set the window title again using the WinTitle() Cicode command, the title appears correctly.


There is a parameter in the Citect.INI file called [Page]WinTitle. By default, this is set to {Title,32}, so if you type in the desired page title in the Window Title section of your page properties, it will be displayed by default.

However, if you have [Page]WinTitle=* set, the window names will appear as "Citect 0" etc. This is normally done if you're using the WinTitle() function in your project to prevent CitectSCADA from overriding the title with the one used in the Properties of the page.

To prevent the windows from being named "Citect x", either call the WinTitle() function after displaying the page or set the Window title in the page properties appropriately and re-instate the default INI property.


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