Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When I start my PC with Windows XP and I have CitectSCADA in Autostart I need to delay Citect startup. This is because the Sentinel driver has not started and CitectSCADA is unable to find the key. Usually I need to delay CitectSCADA for 30 sec before the Sentinel driver has started. Is there any other way to solve this problem, i.e. to get the Sentinel driver to start faster?  

You can prioritise the loading of driver at boot time. Please follow the steps given below:

1. Login as Administrator.

2. Right Click on "My Computer" and go to "Properties".3. Click on the "Hardware" tab and go to "Device Manager".

4. Go to 'View" and click on "Show Hidden Devices" in the Device Manager dialog box.

5. Go to "Non Plug and Play Drivers", right click on "Sentinel" and click on Properties.

6. Go to the "Driver" tab and select the "Startup Type" as "Boot".

This will start the Sentinel driver much faster and usually no startdelay in CitectSCADA is needed.