Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

How do I set up communication between a Ethernet Eurotherm device and CitectSCADA. How does the register mapping work. 

Ethernet based Eurotherm device use Modbus over TCP/IP to communicate. So you can set up an I/O Device to use Modnet protocol to communicate to them. It is important to put the value of 1 in the address field of the I/O Device form.

Register mapping scheme works as follows


Eurotherm Register 41433 is equal to 441434 in CitectSCADA


1) Take care of Offset of 1

Add 1 to Eurotherm register address (41433 + 1 = 41434)

Now this 41434 is the physical address in the Eurotherm device.

2) Put 4 in front of the address calculated in Step 1. Therefore 41434 becomes 441434

441434 is the address for CitectSCADA to read value register 41433 in the Eurotherm device.


Note that there are devices other than Eurotherm that follow the same register mapping scheme.


Modnet, Eurotherm, Register Mapping