Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

I am using an ADAM device (ADAM4012). In the protocol field of the I/O Device form I have ADAM4012. I have declared a digital input tag with address Di0. Every time I perform a compile I get a "Bad IO Device variable" error. 

There is an incorrect entry for DI field in the adam4012.dbf file. This dbf is located in the \citect\bin folder.

The original field looks like :

DI 0x05 0 1 0 0 Digital input

Modify it to look like

DI%U 0x05 0 1 0 0 Digital input

Run the save_dbf.xls macro. This macro is located in \citect\bin folder.

Right click the mouse button and select Save/Close dbf.

Now perform a pack and compile. The project will compile OK.

Please note that that same problem is seen with ADAM4011 device.

Also See KB article Q1716


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