Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.00
  • CitectHMI 5.xx, 6.00

After I paste a genie on a graphics page, the CitectSCADA compile fails. The error message says "Tag already defined" and the context points to one of my supergenies. If I click the "Goto" button, it leads me to the properties form of a supergenie page. It doesn't make any sense. How do I correct this error? 

The error message "Tag already defined" is a little bit misleading initially. But when you have a look at the error form, you would see that the table field points to PAGES.DBF file. It indicates that you have a problem with some pages in your project. The Citect compiler uses the term "Tag" as a generic term to refer to most names defined in projects (pages, cicode functions, reports, variable tags, etc). So in this case, the error message means "Page already exists". How does this error happen?

It appears that the pasted genie has an attached supergenie. When such a genie is pasted on a graphics page, the Graphics Builder will try to instantiate a new page and save it into the project the page belongs to if the page doesn't exist. However, on some occasions, the Graphics Builder might save the new super genie page to the project currently selected on Citect Explorer. The result is that you may have duplicated supergenie pages in different projects and the compile will fail. This also happens if projects are included together and the genie with attached supergenies are used in more than one of the projects. To solve this problem, you have to delete the duplicates.

To delete a super genie page

1. Select "List system pages" from Tools/Options in Graphics Builder.

2. Bring up 'File Open" form.

3. Select the super genie page and then click on "Delete" button.