Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx to 7.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx to 7.xx

The debug.log file contains developer related information to aid in debugging the application that is using the CiDebugHelp. It can also be used for projects that link to its features (Citect32.exe, ctapi client applications etc). There are a couple of things to note however:

• Prior to the v6.00 release of CitectSCADA, the size of the debug.log file was hard coded to 1Mb and 1 backup history file. It is now configurable to allow for a size up to 10Mb and 10 History files. The default is 1Mb and 1 file respectively.

• The base key for CiDebugHelp changed with the release of version 6.00.

• The registry settings in relation to the debug.log (and more so all of the CiDebugHelp) are common for all Citect installations. Additionally, the key is dependent on the executable that loads it.

• The location of the debug.log is dependent on the location of the binary that loads the CiDebugHelp  

Configuration Settings

Below are the registry settings that are available to configure the debug.log. If the key does not exist then the default value is used by Citect.

Base Key for CiDebugHelp before version 6.00: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ci Technologies\CiDebugHelp\Citect32
Base Key for CiDebugHelp for version 6.00 and above: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citect\CiDebugHelp\Citect32

• File Size

• Number of History Files

File Size

Used to record the required size of the debug.log file. Once the log file reaches this size it will be copied to a history file if configured.

Value: DebugLogSize
Units: Kilobytes
Default: 1024
Min: 1
Max: 10240

The key value is based on the Base key shown above.

Number of History Files

This is the number of history files to maintain. Once the debug log file has become full, it is backed up to a history file. The history file has an extension indicating its currency. The debug.log file becomes debug.1. The debug.1 file becomes debug.2. This will continue until the number of configured history files has been reached. Once the last is reached it will deleted.

Value: DebugLogHistoryFiles
Units: Number of files
Default: 1
Min: 0
Max: 10

The key value is based on the Base key shown above.