Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00, 6.00A
  • CitectHMI 6.00, 6.00A

I have a web deployed CitectSCADA project and I noticed that events are being handled more than once. Why is this so? 

Events are not handled like Reports/Alarms/Trends where the handling is done by a server. Events are handled by any computer where the [Events]Server=1 parameter is set in the Citect.ini file located on the computer. This is done by selecting the "Enable Events on this computer" checkbox during the CitectSCADA computer setup wizard.

When you prepare a project for web deployment through CitectSCADA, the Citect.ini file created after the last execution of computer setup wizard is copied to the \User\<project>\WebDeploy\<project> directory. This is then copied with the project files once the project is deployed to the WebServer. If [Events]Server=1 is set in this Citect.ini file then any computer running web client through Internet will handle events. Care must be taken if for example the event runs cicode that updates system tallies, then all web clients will be updating the tallies. Any of the CitectSCADA servers (IO/Report/Alarm/Trend) could also be handling events if set.

If you would like events to be handled centrally by one computer then do not enable events for the web client, i.e. run computer setup with events not enabled before deploying. Instead use the I/O server to handle the events, this will have a different Citect.ini to the deployed version.