Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00
  • CitectHMI 6.00

I am in the process of setting up a Citect system, and there are certain Citect.ini settings I would not like to propagate to a Web Client. At what stages am I able to modify the Citect.ini file before it is propagated to the Web Client? 

There are several steps that take place during a full deployment, which are outlined below:

1) The first stage you are able to modify the Citect.ini file is as per normal. You can go to Citect Explorer, then select the menu View, then select Configuration File. This will allow you to edit the current Citect.ini file for the development/development machine.

2) The second step is to pack and compile the project. This creates the runtime files necessary for deployment.

3) Next prepare any files necessary in the and

4) From Citect Explorer, click on the "Web Deployment Preparation" button. This will create a subdirectory in the following folder:

\Citect\User\<Project Name>\Webdeploy\

The citect.ini file from the Windows or \Citect\bin\ directory will automatically be copied to this location inside a folder with the project name.

I.e. \Citect\User\<Project Name>\Webdeploy\<Project Name>\citect.ini

5) Open Internet Explorer, and type in the URL for the WebServer, i.e. http://<server>/CitectSCADA.

6) Login as Web Administrator, and either create or edit the project for deployment. At this stage the project files, including the Citect.ini file found in the \Citect\User\<Project name>\webdeploy folder is copied to the IIS CitectSCADA deploy virtual directory. This is actually stored in the directory:

\WebServer\deploy\<deployment name>\

This is the last point at which you can modify the Citect.ini file before finalising the deployment.

7) Now, when you login as a Web Display/Manager Client, and select the appropriate project to run, it will copy all the project files to a temporary folder location on your local hard-drive. The project files, including the Citect.ini file can be found in the following location:

\Document and Settings\<Current user logon>\Local Settings\Temp\Citect\<deployment name>

You will not be able to modify the Citect.ini file at this point, since it is automatically loaded or copied across every time the Web Client connects to the Web Server. So any changes you make locally will be overwritten or lost.