Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.00

I experienced a difficulty of using CitectSCADA with the application that uses ODBC driver for dBase after I installed Windows XP Service Pack 2. What is the cause of this? 

Windows XP Service Pack 2 installs a new version of ODBC drivers in MDAC 2.81. In this environment, it appears that only one active data connection using ODBC driver for dBase is allowed. Any attempt to use this ODBC driver in another application will be blocked and an ODBC driver error will be generated, "[Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver] Unexpected error from external database driver (15877)".

For example, when CitectSCADA design time applications are running, ODBC driver for dBase is locked up by these applications. Therefore, CiRecipe control on Graphics Builder will fail to retrieve the data from a dBase file as the ODBC driver is being used by CitectSCADA. In this case, just ignore the error prompt and save the control configuration information and the page. When you run your project it should open the .dbf file successfully and populate the table provided all CitectSCADA design applications are closed.

It is noted that similarly Citect Explorer will fail to start up when an application using ODBC driver for dBase is running and generate an error "A severe error has occurred. Process will terminate". In this case, you must shut down the application before starting up Citect Explorer.