Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

My syslog.dat shows the following error message "osFileSizeEx get file size failed on handle 0xffffb780: The handle is invalid"

The error message "osFileSizeEx get file size failed on handle 0xffff81b4: The handle is invalid", suggests that there are some resource leakage on the affected computer. Most likely Windows Handle leakages. To confirm please run the performance monitor and trace the Handle Count, Thread Count and Private Bytes (refer to KB Q3088).

Past experience suggest that the leak can be caused by incorrectly coded cicode called from events, reports, function loops (see KB Q2594). It have also been traced back to file handles, user dlls, semaphores and iodrivers (ie Koyonet). The ping function from the ctutil.dll is also known to cause memory leak (see KB Q3913). If you are using this please use the one from PLUSUtl.dll instead. To establish the cause of this resource leakage, try disabling the event and report component systematically to isolate the problem.

osFileSizeEx, handle is invalid, syslog.dat, leakage