Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00

We have experienced a communications problem and when I looked at the syslog.dat file I found the following errors:

READ 000c IO1PORT11 DPCS3 t:L a:000E11 c:000001 w:20 e:0 1
Generic 000012 Driver 00000023 (0x00000017)
Fri Jun 03 07:18:41 2005 403:14:42.667 Error: Unit offline
READ 000c IO1PORT12 V2000 t:L a:0004A0 c:000020 w:20 e:3 32
Generic 000012 Driver 00000023 (0x00000017)
Fri Jun 03 07:21:17 2005 403:17:18.182 Error: Unit offline
UINIT 000c IO1PORT12 V2000 Error_in_CMD-3 16
Generic 000012 Driver 00000023 (0x00000017)

Can you please explain what "Error_in_CMD-3" means?

This was introduced in CitectSCADA version 6.00. Previously, non "tag" related driver commands would return the last reported errant tag which is incorrect. Now when a command has an error which is not a "tag" command, e.g. an device init command, it returns "Error_in_CMD-x" where x is the command number in use.

This command number starts from 0 and the commands are listed in Q3532 .

E.g. CMD-3 means the initunit is not formatted for tag output to the syslog.dat file.

The actual error is normally on the next line:

I.e. "Generic 000012 Driver 00000023 (0x00000017)"