Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00

After upgrading my project to Citect version 6 I observed the following behaviour. Any login attempt made, e.g. through the LoginForm(), will close any page child window created with WinNewAt() using mode 1. Why does this happen?

Any open Genies/Super Genies/Popup Windows will be shutdown when you Logout/Login. This is because there may be security requirements for certain pages. This ties in with CitectSCADA v6 intentions to increase security and page privilege functionalities. The Login() function calls PageReOpenCurrent() after a successful login and so closes all currently open pages and re-opens them.

As stated in the help, the WinNewAt() cicode function with mode 1 will close the window whenever the parent page changes (e.g. PageGoto() or PageDisplay()). This will not occur for mode 2.

1 - Page child window. The window is closed when a new page is displayed, e.g. when the PageDisplay() or PageGoto() function is called. The parent is the current active window.
2 - Window child window. The window is closed automatically when the parent window is freed with the WinFree() function. The parent is the current active window.

SuperGenie, Popup, LoginForm, Login