Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI 

I am using the CtApi in an external application. I use the CtApi Tagread function. The function returns an error. The GetLasterror() function called directly after Tagread call returns a very high error number.

The error numbers are '268435468' and '268435755' .

I want to know what the error numbers mean.

This error code reflects to Citect, because the return code is greater than 268435456 or 0x10000000 .
Would the number have been lower then the error would be a win32 error code documented in the Microsoft SDK.

The error code that was returned as a long (decimal). Convert the error number from decimal to hexadecimal and extract 0x10000000 of the figure (this is ERROR_USER_DEFINED_BASE in the CitectSCADA help topic "CTAPI Error codes")
Then 0x12b resp. 0xC remain. Convert this again into a decimal figure and you will get the CitectSCADA error codes 299 and 12.
Therefore you can find out that the '268435755' error code reflects to the error 'an action was cancelled' - this occurs when a Cicode command is aborted by the system- and that the '268435468' error code reflects to a DRIVER_BAD_LENGTH error.