Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.XX
  • CitectHMI 6.XX

Ever since I've upgraded to CitectSCADA V6 a lot of my symbols and mimic pages have started flashing, making them hard to view. Why did this happen and how do I make it stop?

In CitectSCADA V6, the old "Colour Palette" used by older versions of CitectSCADA (defining all the available colours used in CitectSCADA) has been replaced by "Favourite Colours" which represents a selection of the colours now available in V6.

The old colour palette included (by default) 7 flashing colours at the bottom of the user definable section of the palette. These colours visibly flashed only if you ran Citect Runtime or Citect Graphics Builder in 256 colour mode. In higher colour modes, these colours appear to be solid in the Graphics Builder and were indistinguishable from their corresponding colours in the upper section of the palette. In V6, The palette positions in the "Favourite Colours" section corresponding to the old "Flashing colour" positions have been set up as flashing colours, and will now appear in runtime correctly (i.e.. flash) when using a colour depth of 16 bit of higher.

The likely scenario is that your project has been developed in previous versions using the User defined colours at the bottom of the palette, and one or more of the flashing colours has been used (unknowingly) as the development and runtime environment have been using 16 bit colour depth or higher. Once the project was upgraded to CitectSCADA V6, the colours selected in the old version have been converted over to the corresponding new colour favourites, and now flash in runtime where they hadn't done so before.

To correct the situation, you can modify the pages/symbols etc that are currently using a flashing colour and change them to use a non-flashing colour. The colour favourites palette can be accessed in the Graphics Builder by opening the Tools Menu and selecting "Edit Favourite Colours".

An earlier revision of this KB article suggested a second option to correct the situation which worked with previous versions prior to V6

“Edit the properties of the colour favourite(s) that is being used by your graphics so that the “Flashing” checkbox is deselected, and then performing an “Update Pages”

Each time you un-tick the "Flashing" option, save, update pages, pack compile and run project the object will still flash.
When going back to Colour Favourite properties the "Flashing" option is ticked. This has been tested with both V6A and V610 (upgrading from V542 to V610 applying upgrade path)


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