Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA v5.xx, v6.xx

CitectSCADA allows you to reference your CITECT.INI file in a location other than the Windows root (default location) or in the CitectSCADA\Bin directory (the place CitectSCADA checks first before checking in Windows or any other location). If you have installed CitectSCADA v5.50r0 or higher, the default installation directory is as follows:

C:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA

Some customers want to be able to run each of their projects outside of the Citect Explorer by means of clicking on the Citect Runtime (CITECT32.EXE) shortcut. This can be done by making several copies of the CITECT32.EXE shortcut (one copy for each project) and using the following command lines which point to each of their specific INI files, each using a different [CtEdit]Run path:

C:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\Bin\CITECT32.EXE -iC:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\User\ProjectA\ProjectA_Citect.ini
C:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\Bin\CITECT32.EXE -iC:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\User\ProjectB\ProjectB_Citect.ini
C:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\Bin\CITECT32.EXE -iC:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\User\ProjectC\ProjectC_Citect.ini

The above paths and each INI's [CtEdit]Run path have been verified as being correct, but when clicking on each of the runtime shortcuts, I get the following runtime error:

Why is this and how can I correct this? 

The "-i" command line switch fails when referencing paths with spaces — the most common directory being "\Program Files". To work around this issue, since you are using a DOS command line switch (-i), it makes sense that you would need to take into account that DOS restricted folder names to 8 characters. Make sure that each of your runtime shortcuts are referencing paths without spaces. For example:

C:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA\Bin\CITECT32.EXE -iC:\Progra~1\Citect\CitectSCADA\User\Project\MyINI.ini

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