Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx, 6.xx

The easiest way to do a splash screen for a Citect project is to set [Page]Startup=!SplashPage, and then have the following cicode in the OnPageEntry event of that page:

Sleep(3); PageGoto("MainMenu");

This works perfectly for projects based on the standard templates, however when this method is used in a project based on the XP Style templates (i.e. includes the CSV_Include project), the splash screen appears initially, then the main page is displayed, after which the splash screen is re-displayed, before returning to the main page for the second time. 


This problem can be solved by setting some INI parameters to control the splash screen instead of using cicode in the OnPageEntry event.

When configuring XP style projects the following steps would ideally be taken:

1. Create a splash page with only text and bitmaps etc.
2. Specify the splash page in the [Page]Startup parameter.
3. Specify how long the splash page should be displayed for before the home page appears by specifying the [Startup]SplashScreenTime parameter - in seconds - (can set to 0 for minimum display time). This parameter defaults to 3 seconds.
4. Specify the home page in the [MultiMonitors]StartupPage1 parameter. Note that even if you are not running in multi-monitor mode, if your project is based on the XP Style templates, this parameter must be set. If you don't, the above problem occurs.

Note that local parameters (set in the parameter database (i.e. param.dbf)) are always overridden by global parameters (set in the INI file).