Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

I am trying to set up a connection from a Softing Profiboard-PCI card to Citect v5.21 Service Pack C. I am running Windows NT 4 Service Pack 5, Profiboard-PCI FMS/DPV1 Feb 24 2003, and Citect Driver - Profibd Driver

The profiboard-PCI is installed and returns the following installation parameters:
IRQ – 128
Memory Address - FF8F8000-FF8FBFFF and FF8FFC00-FFAFFFFF

The Citect driver is supposed to be allocated a hardware address of e.g. 0x240 and Memory Address 0xD000 or 0xE000.
As can be seen from the above configuration, the address the board is sitting on, is FF8F8000, which is to long for the field length in Boards.DBF.

To support the new PCI card you do need to update the Profibd driver. You should use Profibd driver version V2.18.2.000, available for download from from the DriverWeb page.

The Profibd driver now uses Version 5.22 API from Softing. Softing API v5.22 and NT Driver v2.20 will allow support of a single instance of PROFIboard (ISA or PCI)and PCCard interfaces from Softing. Existing projects with 0xD000 or 0xE000 board address will default to 0 in the driver, or the user can specify a board address between 0 and 9 as seen in the Softing Profibus Control Panel.

Note: You need to install Softing NT device driver V2.20 in order for the Profibd driver to function. The NT device driver can be downloaded from the Softing web site -  The new Softing NT Device driver now automatically searches for Softing Profibus interface cards and assigns a number from 0 to
9 to it. The new software also removes the requirement to enter the memory address, I/O address, and interupt from the Boards form. Users can now specify a single board number between 0 and 9 as seen in the Softing Profibus Control Panel. Any value greater than 9 in the board address field will default to 0 so existing projects that have used 0xD000 or 0xE000 will work as before.

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