Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA Batch Versions 1.1

I can use the Unit Control Tag to put a Control Recipe in HELD state, but I how can I pause/restart a batch from the PLC after an error condition has passed?

The new Batch API allows the Status of a Control Recipe to be changed. The latest version of Batch_Example (with Citect V6) shows how to do this. The example involves releasing Control Recipes. Before restarting, set the Unit Control Tag to 0 again using API function (ControlCR() in BatchAPIDemo project can be used). If the Unit Control Tag Value is still 1 or 2 and you restart, the Unit will still be held.

Prior to the Batch API you will need to restart using the Batch Scheduler.

Note: The same applies when re-starting form the Batch Scheduler Active X.