Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.00

How do I change the colour of the border that appears around a selectable object during runtime, whenever the mouse pointer is hovered above it? 

There is a Citect.ini parameter, which allows you to do this.

Note: CitectSCADA Version 6 uses true colour thus the value for colour must be specified as a RGB Value, as show below.

Colour = 0xFFFFFF !RGB Value

Allowable Values: 0x000000 to 0xFFFFFF

Colours defined as RGB values, for example:

0x000000 - (Black)
0x000080 - (Blue)
0x008000 - (Green)
0x008080 - (Cyan)
0x800000 - (Red)
0x800080 - (Magenta)
0x808000 - (Brown)
0xBFBFBF - (Grey)
0x7F7F7F - (Dark Grey)
0x0000FF - (Light blue)
0x00FF00 - (Light green)
0x00FFFF - (Light cyan)
0xFF0000 - (Light red)
0xFF00FF - (Light Magenta)
0xFFFF00 - (Yellow)
0xFFFFFF - (White)
Default Value: 0xFFFFFF (white)

In order to achieve the above for CitectScada versions prior to version 6, colour value is the code defined in the colour palette file as shown below.

Colour Label Code
Black 000
Blue 001
Green 002
Cyan 003
Red 004
Magenta 005
Brown 006
Grey 007
Dark_Grey 008
Light_Blue 009
Light_Green 010
Light_Cyan 011
Light_Red 012
Light_Magenta 013
Yellow 014
White 015
Flash_Blue* 113
Flash_Green* 114
Flash_Cyan* 115
Flash_Red* 116
Flash_Magenta* 117
Flash_Yellow* 118
Flash_White* 119

* Flashing colour is only supported in 256 colour display mode.

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