Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.00

I have found how many bad tags are in my project by viewing the Kernel Driver window. But I am unsure how to identify exactly which Tags in my Variable Tag database are at fault. How do you find exactly which tags are bad in a CitectSCADA ABCLX project? 

Step 1) Shutdown CitectSCADA runtime.

Step 2) Set the following Citect.ini settings:

Step 3) Delete the existing ABCLX.LOG file found in the C:\WINNT or C:\WINDOWS directory.

Step 4) Start CitectSCADA runtime.

Step 5) Confirm in the Kernel Driver window that the ABCLX I/O Device is online, and has downloaded and subscribed to the tags (for example):
Session Thread State 2 Tags Subscribed 100
Session State 4 Good Tags 90
Socket Thread State 2 Bad Tags 10

Step 6) Shutdown CitectSCADA runtime.

Step 7) Open the ABCLX.LOG file from the Windows directory. Here is a sample line that could be found:
[ERROR] [TAG ] [0x000012ec] [21/11/2005] [10:40:53.095] [FindTag()] Root tag not found : ABREAL__3

In this example, the root tag "ABREAL__3" was not found in the controller.
Identify all tags that are in error.

Step 8) Check in RSLogix 5000 for the corresponding tag. Check the syntax, for typing mistakes, and that the Data Type is equivalent to the CitectSCADA Data Type. See the help section "Data Types" in the ABCLX helpfile for more details about valid Data Type coercion. Please note that the Variable Tag Address is not case sensitive in CitectSCADA. Also, any tag defined in CitectSCADA, must exist in the Controller.

Step 9) Correct any mistakes in your Variable Tag Addressing, and repeat from Step 4.

Step 10) Once you have 0 bad tags, you are finished. You can then chose to comment our or remove the Citect.ini ABCLX parameters set in Step 2.


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