Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx, 6.00
  • CitectHMI 5.xx, 6.00

I am using an international version of CitectSCADA (e.g. Japanese) and when I try to print database information from Project Editor->File->Print, the output from the printer is garbled. I have made sure that the font size specified in Project Editor->Tools->Options is > 0 and the font name is legitimate. 

This is caused by the incorrect handling of double-byte characters, and the incorrect selection of a character set and / or code page that supports the language you are working in.

Citect v6.10 now select a character set by first checking the [Language]CharSet parameter, and, if that is not specified, by asking the OS for the current default character set. The character set for the OS is set (on Windows 2000/XP) here:

Start->Settings->Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Advanced tab.

If you are running on Windows in a language other than the one in which you wish to print, you must set [Language]CodePage to the value that represents the code page to use – if this parameter is not set, Citect will use the operating system default. 

double byte dbcs symbols printing characters