Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00, 6.00 Service Pack A
  • CitectHMI 6.00, 6.00 Service Pack A

The WebClient server no longer runs after installing "Norton Internet Security 2005 - Anti-spyware edition"

If the Windows services are viewed via 'Control Panel' > 'Administrative Tools' > 'Services', the 'World Wide Web Publishing Service' has hung in the 'Starting' Status.

This has only been tested with 'Norton Internet Security 2005 - Anti Spyware Edition' and may only apply to this Norton Product.

'Norton Internet Security' (NIS) has been seen to cause the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" to hang, on any machine that is running as an IIS web server. This is not Citect specific, it is the case for ANY IIS server.

The "World Wide Web Publishing Service" service will remain indefinitely in the "Starting" status and the WebClient will not work even if all aspects of NIS have been disabled.

In order for the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" service to start successfully, NIS should be be configured so that it does not automatically load on startup, and is manual loaded after the computer has booted.

This will allow the IIS server including the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" to load completely before NIS becomes active, allowing Citect WebClient to work again.

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