Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.10
  • CitectHMI 6.10

How do I set up Citect to use multiple processes post CitectSCADA 6.10?

Componentisation was introduced in CitectSCADA 6.10 enabling a user to run different components of the SCADA system (IO Server, Alarm Server, Reports Server, Trends Server) as separate processes. This allows the operating system’s scheduler to schedule each component separately, allowing more efficient execution when dual-core or hyper-threaded CPUs are available. It also allows the Engineer to allocate certain CPUs to certain components.

To enable this facility on your server computer, select ‘Network Computer’ – ‘Server and Display Client’ and check the ‘Multi-Process’ box in the Computer Setup Wizard.


When ‘Multi-Process’ is enabled each CitectSCADA component runs as a different process and these different processes need to communicate with each other. CitectSCADA uses the network layer in order to communicate between different components. For this reason you need to enable networking, as above, even if you intend to run all the components on a single computer.

No further configuration is required if you want to use NetBIOS for networking, which is enabled by default in CitectSCADA . You can however use pure TCP-IP instead. Using TCP-IP will work when NetBIOS is unavailable and will save on network bandwidth.

Setting up CitectSCADA with TCP-IP

You will need to:
1. Enable TCPIP and disable NetBIOS



2. Set up "DNS" entries, which map each component to a particular IP address.

For further information see KB Q3725 and Q3984

Setting up Citect with NetBIOS

You will need to make sure TCPIP is disabled, and NetBIOS is enabled. To do so, set the following in your Citect.ini file:

When using NetBIOS, it's very important to ensure you do not have any other servers on your network with the same name. For example, if more than one computer is running a server called IOServer, even if they're running different projects, the names will collide and your project won’t work correctly.


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