Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.XX

I have recently done an upgrade from CitectSCADA V5.5 to V6.0. I have made a backup of the V5.5 citect.ini file and copied the Harris defined parameters into the V6.0 citect.ini. The parameters in the V6.0 citect.ini file are identical to the V5.5 citect.ini file. During runtime, #COMS is displayed on all devices interfaced to the Harris RTU.
I have not done any development work on the project or configuration changes since V5.5. What could be the problem?

The problem lies in the file path of the HRConfig.dbf. The default path defined in the HARRISHR section is C:\citect\bin\HRConfig.dbf. CitectSCADA V5.5 installation directory is identical to the default path of the HRConfig.dbf but V6.0 default installation directory is C:\program Files\Citect\CitectScada\Bin. Due to this, when the driver is installed in the V6.0 installation directory, there will be a mismatch in the directory path of the HRconfig.dbf.

Check the file path of the existing HRConfig.dbf and amend the parameter in the citect.ini file. You should add the D20ConfigFilename parameter in the HARRISHR section of the citect.ini file to reflect the existing path of the HRConfig.dbf.

D20ConfigFilename=C:\program Files\Citect\CitectScada\Bin\HRConfig.dbf (The file path may differ for your PC, amend accordingly)

Compile and Run the project again. This should solve the #COMS issue.  

Harris, lost communications, #COMS