Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.10
  • CitectHMI 6.10

In version CitectSCADA Version 6.1 my project does not shutdown when the Shutdown() cicode function is used. Error message "Citect32.exe -- Application Error. The instruction at "0c0000005" references memory at "0xc0000005" memory could not be "read" " appears.

This operation was working correctly in Version 6.0 of CitectSCADA.  Please help.

If CitectSCADA has an open Port via the ComOpen() cicode function, the Shutdown() cicode function does not shutdown CitectSCADA. To allow the Shutdown() cicode function to shutdown CitectSCADA, the open Port needs to be closed prior to the execution of Shutdown() cicode function.

Example: I start CitectSCADA runtime and I open a port using the ComOpen() cicode function for UDP communications. When I try to shutdown CitectSCADA runtime using the Shutdown() cicode function I neglected to do the associated ComClose().

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