Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.XX
  • CitectHMI 6.XX

When using FileServer Redundancy, i.e. a run and a back up path, with both paths pointing to remote machines, page navigation on a Citect Client may be slowed down if the machine where the run parameter is pointing to is powered off. This issue is observed to occur only if using an OID based driver like OPC or ABCLX. When any attempt to change a page is made an error is displayed in the Kernel: Page <pagename> recompiled against different Variable.DBF.

In Citect SCADA V6 and above OID checks are more strict. The run time compiler does an OID check when changing from one page to another. If there is any mismatch in OIDs between the variable.dbf in the RUN parameter and that on the back up path, the page update process is slowed down due to the OID mismatch as the compiler has to subscribe all OID based tags again.

To fix the problem, ensure you have exactly the same project on both paths. Back up a compiled version of the project on the [CTEDIT]RUN path and restore that version of the project on the [CTEDIT]BACKUP path. Note that individual compilations of the project on each path may result in OID mismatches and hence lead to the slow page navigation issue.