Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

I Have a parallel software protection key but my PC do not have a parallel port, can I use USB to parallel dongle or install a Parallel port card on the PCI slot of my computer to use this parallel key?

It has been confirmed by Safenet that they have not tested their keys with any sort of port replicators. USB to parallel port replicaters and such devices are not supported. However, they suggest to use the following PCI Parallel port for their keys (The Sentinel System Driver 5.41 has been tested to work with the following PCI Parallel Port) :

1. CyberParallel PCI - Single Fast ECP/EPP Parallel Port
Part Number: JJ-P00112

2. Intek21 PCI High-Speed ECP/EPP Parallel Port
Model TK9902

However, it should equally work for other PCI parallel ports also provided the card satisfies the following conditions:

1. The PCI card should enable, ECP/EPP port settings and
2. The port provided (created by the driver of such PCI card) should follow the IEEE 1284standard for parallel ports.

Note : For laptops, you have to use the PCMCIA card (which satisfy the above two conditions), in place of the PCI card.

Parallel Port Settings :- (You have to enable ECP Mode Settings )

Please verify the following after the installation of the driver:

i) Hardware key is securely attached to the port.
ii) If you are using parallel port key then check in the BIOS, the port must be set to "enabled" and not "OS controlled".

iii) There are some BIOS settings, which are recommend for Windows:

Mode: ECP or PS/2,
Port address: 378h,
IRQ: 7 and
DMA: 3 

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