Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.XX

An "Invalid Window" message appears on the start-up page in runtime. This message appears at AN2. This message then disappears a few seconds later, at which time CitectSCADA freezes and I can also see the clock in CitectSCADA freezes for a few seconds. This problem only happens when CSV_Include project is included in the project. And the project is not using multi monitors.

The problem is in the built-in Cicode called in the CSV_Include project.
As a work-around to this problem you may edit and comment-out line 237 (with an exclamation mark) so that it looks like this:

!CSV_MM_PageDisplay(msParentWindowStartupPage[iMonitorNo], iMonitorNo);


Invalid Window, AN2, MultiMonitors, Multi Monitors, CSV_MultiMonitors