Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.10
  • CitectHMI 6.10

When I run v6.1 of Citect as a Service, I notice the following Issues:

* If Citect v6.1 is run as a service in 'interactive mode' the user is NOT able to log off / shutdown the OS, regardless of the [KERNEL]WinShutdown parameter, while Citect is running.
* In interactive mode, via services.msc if the Citect service is started, it will load, and say status 'started' (and appear on screen etc). However when the service is stopped, it remains on the screen .yet, in Services.msc its status is 'Stopped'.
* In non-interactive mode, the service status will change between 'started' 'stopped' etc correctly, but in Windows Task Manager Citect32.exe remains running once it is started.
* In non-interactive mode, The user IS able to login/out regardless of the [KERNEL]Winshutdown parameter. 

These are known issues with how INSTSRV and SRVANY interact with v6.10.

The INSTSRV and SRVANY programs provide generic methods designed to allow most normal executable to run as a service.
However, these applications have not been custom-made to interface perfectly with Citect, and this has been complicated by v6.10 having Multi-Processor Support and the addition of the Runtime Manager.