Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.XX

I get an error message "Unexpected Error; Quitting" when loading WebClient for the first time as a User with restricted access (Not an Administrator) but it works fine for my Administrator users.

However, after the error occurs, WebClient will load up and work correctly.

Also, I have noticed that this is happening only on machines that don’t have Citect SCADA installed.

This usually occurs when ActiveX controls are used in a project.

For example, if a deployment includes the CSV_Include project, and the WebClient machine does not have SCADA installed, then it will download and install the required ActiveX objects from the ActiveX.Zip file in the CSV_Include deployment.

These ActiveX controls will be downloaded to the machines TMP folder (a Windows environment variable.  To check, type "Set TMP" in a cmd prompt) usually this is \Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Temp\ then \Citect\<DeploymentName>\CSV_Include.

If another user runs the WebClient, it can see that the control has been registered, but it does not have access to the other users 'Documents and Settings' path, so the action fails, yielding the "Unexpected Error; Quitting" message. The control is then downloaded to the currently logged in user's TMP folder, and will continue to function.

There are several workarounds for this issue:

* Ignore the errors - This will only occur the first time, or when the project files in the TMP directory are deleted.
* Manually register the required ActiveX components to the Windows\System32 directory.
* If the CSV_Include files ActiveX controls are not required, but the rest of the CSV_Inlcude is, then you can delete the CSV_Includes before deploying the project
* Uninclude the CSV_Include project and create a new include project that only incorporates the functionality you need.
* Change the Windows Environment Variables so that the TMP directory is accessible by all users.



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