Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.XX
  • CitectHMI 6.XX

When accessing Citect WebClient via the direct URL, on a machine that has never used WebClient before, I get the Error:
“Starting Citect Web Client Failed: Can not Initialize Citect System”

The URL I am trying is similar to:

However if I go to the deployment page first (Http://localhost/CitectSCADA/), and load the deployment via clicking the buttons, it loads properly, and then the aforementioned URL also works from then on!
What is happening!?

This is occurring because there are ‘whitespace’ characters in your deployment name.
To fix, rename deployment without using spaces.

Why is this happening?  In the above example the project name is “Test Project”, but you can see that the project name in the fully qualified link is: “Test%20Project”.

When the project is loaded from the Deployment Page, the Project Files are downloaded to a folder:
C:\Documents & Settings\<username>\Local settings\Temp\Citect\Test Project

However, when Web Client is called from the direct URL, the project files are saved to:
C:\Documents & Settings\<username>\Local settings\Temp\Citect\Test%20Project

The problem is that even though the project files have downloaded, the Web Client object still looks for the project at the path:
C:\Documents & Settings\<username>\Local settings\Temp\Citect\Test Project

If that location does not exist (i.e. if Web Client hasn’t been run before from the deployment page) then you will get the “Starting Citect Web Client Failed: Can not Initialize Citect System” error.

Even worse, if the project has been called from the Deployment page, then the old folder will exist at: C:\Documents & Settings\<username>\Local settings\Temp\Citect\Test Project

However, any new project file will be downloaded to:
C:\Documents & Settings\<username>\Local settings\Temp\Citect\Test%20Project
And NOT be used, instead your older project files will be used…

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