Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.10
  • CitectHMI 6.10

After upgrading CitectSCADA to V6.10. Communications to my PLC5 is incorrect. Digital reads and writes seem to be offset from the correct locations. Communications is using the ABRSLINX driver. The operation was correct prior to the upgrade.

The error is due to the version of the ABRSLINX driver included in CitectSCADA V6.10

A change was made to help communications to ControlLogix PLCs in PLC5 emulation mode. However this broke the communications to real PLC5s.  The change has been rolled back since this problem with ControlLogix was already known (ref Q3721). There is also the alternative of the ABCLX driver which is designed for direct and native communications to ControlLogix.

The driver in V6.10 known to have this problem is V1.02.09.003
The driver in V6.0 without the problem is V1.02.04.002
The next latest released driver without the problem is V1.02.12.000

It is recommended to use the V1.02.12.000 ABRSLINX driver or a later released version. 

PLC5 ABRSLINX digital offset