Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.00, 6.00 Service Pack A
  • CitectHMI 6.00, 6.00 Service Pack A

During a compile, if the [OID]Reset=1 parameter is set or the OID field is blank, CitectSCADA will generate new OIDs for each variable tag.  If the project is quite large, it may be possible in some instances that the variable.dbf modified date is newer than the date embedded within the _variabl.rdb. This can cause problems with tag based drivers like ABCLX and OPC, bringing their units online. Tag based drivers will experience errors due to the enhanced OID security in V6. What can be done to resolve this issue?

To resolve this problem, you can simply compile the project a second time (ensure [OID]Reset=1 is not set for the second compile).

Citect has confirmed this to be a problem in CitectHMI/SCADA versions 6.00 to 6.00 SPA. This problem has been fixed in version 6.10.

OID, reset, tag based drivers, modified, variable.dbf