Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 6.xx
  • CitectHMI 6.xx

Can I run a web client CAB that has a different product version number to the CitectSCADA server?

It is recommended that you have the same version of CitectSCADA across all nodes, servers and clients (web client/IDC/display client). You can have issues when the Web Client CAB file installed on the PC is a different version to the CitectSCADA server. For example, if the CitectSCADA server is v6 SPKA you need to make sure the web client CAB file installed and running is v6 SPKA and not v6. The CAB file version number is typically matched to the files located in the \bin, e.g. Citect32.exe.

If a web client CAB file is installed on a PC and the deployment uses a newer CAB file this will be downloaded and installed overwriting the old version. The web client CAB file will always upgrade versions from the server, but never downgrade. This fail to downgrade could lead to version mismatches between CitectSCADA server and web client in particular when there are different versioned servers being accessed by the same web client.

It is better to un-install a web client installation by going through the Windows Control Panel >> Add Remove Programs rather than deleting the C:\Windows\System32\Citect\WebClient\600 folder.

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